Happy's is located in the city of Roanoke, Virginia and is one of the largest tourist attractions in Roanoke and Southwest Virginia.
Fun for the whole family, Happy's Flea Market is the largest and oldest indoor/outdoor flea market in Virginia. It's part carnival, shopping mall and food wrapped into the greatest flea market you have ever seen!
Happy's is a place for everyone. Kids will love the free face painting, carousel ride and arcade games. Teenagers will love the bargains on the latest fashions, playing pool, shopping for graphics for their new cars, shopping for CD's and DVD's from the largest seller of used CD's and records in the valley, and hanging out in Chris' Snack Shack for a bite to eat and some good conversation. Dads will enjoy the bargains on tools and building supplies. Grandparents will enjoy a stroll through memory lane in many of our antique shops, and the live music will surely get your toes tapping. Moms will love the fact that you can bring the whole family to Happy's for a day of inexpensive shopping, entertainment, food, and exercise in a comfortable family-friendly environment.
Happy's has nearly 600 paved vending spaces and over 100,000 shoppers annually. The vendors at Happy's sell thousands of the most fabulous, hard to find, bargain basement products you will ever see!
So next time you want to spend a day just lounging around come down and see us and have great time!

Monday Closed
Tues. - Friday 7am. - 5pm.
Sat. & Sun. 6am. - 5pm.